waterproof coverage

nearly one in three Canadians aren’t aware of  what water coverage they have or need.  many companies are offering new forms of water insurance coverage, but coverage can differ greatly from one policy to the next.  as such it is important to talk to your broker to help you navigate which policy is best suited for you.

RSA now has two simple options for flood and sewer backup coverage:

waterproof coverage:

this policy offers an enhanced protection against damage caused by storm activity and flooding, eaves, downspouts, drains and sewer backup.  most home policies do not cover such damage.  however, if you qualify for this coverage you will not longer need to determine whether the damage was caused by sewer backup or flooding.   you have the confidence of knowing that you’re covered.

sewer backup coverage only:

for those homeowners who choose to keep their premiums as low as possible, RSA has maintained their limited version of sewer backup coverage.  with this policy, only damage caused by sewer backup, septic or sump losses are covered.


to learn more, or to make any adjustments to your current water coverage, please contact our office today.