Snowbird Travel Insurance

we have officially entered snowbird travel season.  thanksgiving dinner has been eaten and leftovers devoured, and now seniors and retirees are in search of sun, sand and most importantly no snow.

however, prior to departing, ensuring that your travel insurance is in order is a key component.

first and foremost, you need to buy what fits.  things to consider are your age, medical history, trip duration, lifestyle and budget.  travel insurance comes in all shapes and sizes.  your deductible amount can’t alter your premium significantly which is something also worth considering.

discussing your health with your family physician is an important component as well.  you need to pay attention to pre-existing conditions as well as exclusions prior to departing.   this is the perfect time to contact your broker to make certain you understand what you are covered for prior to heading south for the winter.

safe travels.  say hi to the palm trees for us.