Ridesharing Insurance

effective July 1, 2016 Intact Insurance will now be offering ridesharing insurance coverage to Uber.

this coverage will serve as a tailor-made ridesharing insurance policy to be issued directly to transportation network companies.  the policy will be issued directly to Uber by Intact, and will provide insurance coverage from the moment a ride request is accepted until the moment passengers exit the vehicle.

in addition, those customers who are insured with Intact Insurance can be assured that they have proper coverage for the personal use of their vehicles that will offer protection from using their vehicles ‘off-trip,’ in other words when using their vehicle for personal use or when they are logged into the Uber mobile application and available to accept ride requests.  this affordable insurance option, costs on average $20/month and can easily be added to any existing or new Intact Insurance personal auto policy.

for additional information, or to add this option to your current policy please contact our office.