recreational vehicle insurance | preparing for summer travel

with the may long weekend in reach, so to is the return of camping season.   a long awaited/much overdue time for those of us who own recreational vehicles.

whether it’s weekends at the lake, or long summer road trips, owning an RV opens up a world of travel opportunities on the open road.  be it a motorhome, fifth wheel, or trailer, owing an RV requires different kind of insurance to ensure your peace of mind and investment.
a standard auto insurance policy coverages liability and can cover physical damage, but with the proper RV insurance you are protected against other risks like loss or destruction of personal property.
please contact us to discuss the type of RV you own and your plans for use, so that we can ensure you are properly covered and protected while you enjoy every minute of it.
and before you hit the open road, here are some helpful summer travel tips to get your RV ready:
  • begin by cleaning and inspecting it from top to bottom, noting any damage
  • check the maintenance book and records to determine what  items were done prior to storage and what is due now
  • set tire pressures, check the fluid levels in the engine and genset differential and transmission
  • charge the batteries, clean the terminals and check electrolyte levels
  • flush out the freshwater and holding tanks
  • check air filter and replace if needed
  • remove any cobwebs or debris, and test the refrigerator and water heater