Motorcycle Insurance

with temperatures on the rise and snow cleared from the roads, it’s time once again to think about motorcycle season.

whether it’s your standard bike or off-road type, at Sproule Insurance we can assure that you are protected however and where ever you ride.

partnering with Intact Insurance, we can set up  a standalone policy or combine it with your current home and auto package, giving you peace of mind that you and your bike are protected.

what we cover:

  • standard, custom-built, dual-purpose, cruisers and off-road bikes
  • with a value of up to $60,000
  • physical damage for motorcycles up to 25 years of age

additional benefits:

  • discounts for insuring two or more motorcycles on the same policy
  • discounts for experienced and claims-free drivers
  • bundled pricing discounts when a motorcycle is added to your current Intact Insurance auto insurance policy or bundled home and auto insurance policy

please contact our office today for a quote, so we can connect you and your bike to the open road and all that summer has to offer.