Fall Insurance Checklist

In between raking leaves and eating all things pumpkin, fall is the perfect time to make sure everything is in order as we head into arctic tundra season.

Things to consider….

  1. winterizing your vehicle to ensure you are prepared for any roadside emergencies (this includes winter tires)
  2. retiring seasonal vehicles.  before storing boats or RVs for the winter it’s important to do a few maintenance checks to ensure they remain in good working condition when you choose to take them out come springtime.
  3. snow birds.  before you head south for the winter, make sure you have taken all the necessary steps to prevent water damage from burst pipes while away.  safe guarding your fireplace, making certain downspouts are working properly are essential.  winterizing your home is a priority, and should not be taking lightly.  please review your policy wordings or call your broker for advice prior to departing.
  4. travel insurance.  if you are lucky enough to escape the cold and find hibernation in a warm climate, make sure you have the appropriate travel insurance to cover yourself in the event it becomes necessary.

Fall is one of our favourite seasons. Cheers to apple cider, football, and enjoying all of the colours.  Stay safe, stay smart.