Cannabis & Road Safety

as of today, cannabis is now legalized in canada.  this recent shift in policy, has some canadians showing a strong concern for the number of cannabis impaired drivers that will now be sharing our roads.  drunk driving is something that we as a society have shown zero tolerance for, and have tests in place to monitor alcohol levels.   we should assume the same zero tolerance policy will be enforced  when it comes to drug use, although how it will be monitored is still somewhat of a grey area.

a recent poll conducted by the insurance bureau of canada found the following:

    • 79% of Canadians are concerned about cannabis-impaired drivers on the road once cannabis becomes legal.
    • 84% of Canadians believe that driving while high poses a real risk.
    • 70% of Canadians believe that driving while high is as dangerous as driving while impaired by alcohol.
    • 43% of Canadians stated that they do not know how long to wait before it is safe to drive once they have consumed cannabis.
    • 61% of Canadian cannabis users believe it’s safe to wait less than three hours after consuming cannabis to drive.
    • 62% of Canadian cannabis users have either driven or been a passenger in a car where the driver had recently consumed cannabis.
    • 60% of Canadians believe that police will use a cannabis-impairment test equivalent to the breathalyzer.

as responsible drivers, we need to continue to treat impaired driving as an inexcusable offence.  whether it’s alcohol or drugs, motor coordination and reaction times will be delayed when your judgement is impaired.

 impaired driving kills, just don’t do it.